Try as One Might

A comprehensive guide to Order of Might from Too Few Kobolds to Too Much to Handle.

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Rewarding Gallows Humor

Image for Rewarding Gallows Humor

Adventurers in Torchbearer often find themselves in situations out of their control or beyond their capabilities. In those moments, when all else has failed, there is usually nothing left to do but...

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The Bitter End

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The simple rules for rope in Torchbearer’s gear chapter are perfectly suitable for most campaigns, but rope has a special place in the pantheon of adventuring gear. Just like torches and rations, a...

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Puzzling Over Puzzle Conflicts

An example of custom conflicts and puzzles.

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The Delver's Guide to Surviving the Underworld

Image for The Delver's Guide to Surviving the Underworld

The Delver's Guide to Surviving the Underworld is a FREE expansion to The Vagrant's Guide, brought to you by Jared Sorensen of Memento Mori Theatricks. If you backed the Kickstarter or bought a PDF...

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The Grind 2: Darkovia

Image for The Grind 2: Darkovia

All of Darkovia is a haunted place overrun with ghasts and vampires. Its ruler is a vampire lord who laments his immortality and suffers from secret rages that he takes out on the local population.

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Heave Ho!

Have you been sitting around waiting for one of your friends to ask you to help them move? Well, wait no more. Using these advanced hauling rules, you can now get all the fun and excitement of moving...

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Choose Wisely

Image for Choose Wisely

A wise is an area of knowledge a character draws upon—often to correct a failure or point out something missed. Wises must have a narrow focus, but they represent a wealth of expertise.

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List of Mail

Loyal followers, we have more projects in the works than ever! If you want to stay on top of the latest Mordite Monday posts, crowd-funding announcements and product releases, you should submit to...

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The Grind Turn 2: Talk of the Town

Image for The Grind Turn 2: Talk of the Town

The Kickstarter for The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights is thriving. There's still time to support this spooky gothic horror gazetteer-style adventure! On this week's Mordite Monday, let me tell you a...

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Vagrant's Guide PDF

The PDF of The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild is now available for download at! If you were a kickstarter backer you should already have received your email with the link to...

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Seven-obstacle Dungeons

Image for Seven-obstacle Dungeons

A simple method for creating obstacle-to-obstacle ecosystems.

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Party Origins

Shared origins can bind a party together with a common cause beyond simply "meeting in a tavern." A common origin lets the players craft beliefs, goals, and instincts relating to others in the party,...

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The Delver's Guide

When Jared Sorensen jumped in and started writing the Cavernous Underworld territory for the upcoming expansion to the Vagrant's Guide, we were excited to say the least. But it was only the tip of...

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A Vagrant's Schedule

Image for A Vagrant's Schedule

We are wrapping up the Vagrant's Guide and wanted to outline the schedule and the current table of contents.

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Reaching the Destination

Today is the final day of the Kickstarter campaign for The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild, the Torchbearer supplement for travelers in the wilderness. Over the course of the campaign, we've...

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The Vagrant's Guide: Chira the Centaur Nomad

Mark your calendars for Monday October 7th. In one week, Mordite press will launch a Kickstarter campaign for our new book, The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild. Over 140 pages of mounts, new...

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Worsening Conditions

Experienced delvers know that Torchbearer's conditions are much more than a hit point meter. Each condition is a strategic restriction, an averted twist, a roleplaying cue, and experience points in...

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Hail Softcover!

Image for Hail Softcover!

Long have we labored in darkness, feverishly preaching the word to any who will listen. The prophets themselves speak, the pews are full, and yet our precious tome has grown scarce. It has acquired a...

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Twist First

Let's discuss trap design and look at a trap from the lair of the nefarious Lich King of Mordeth. The Lich King has had centuries to build and perfect a series of traps to safeguard his tomb, and...

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Animus (Intelligent Objects)

Image for Animus (Intelligent Objects)

Certain magic items possess an animating spirit. These driven and often malevolent spirits work through magic to bring about their own goals, utilizing their mortal owners as pawns to this end.

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Loyalty and Resentment

A new optional rule for managing advanced Torchbearer relationships.

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Managing Resources — The Town Ability

A new 'bulk resources' rule for buying whole batches of items.

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The Grind PDF is Now Released

Image for The Grind PDF is Now Released

Mordite Press' much-too-big-to-be-a-zine supplement for the Torchbearer RPG — The Grind — is now available in PDF form.

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Image for Burglars

The Halfling Burglar provides the backbone for any adventuring party. As a support role, halflings make an adventurer's life easier, and experienced players appreciate a burglar in the mix.

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Beren Sheets

Image for Beren Sheets

Today, we are launching our Character Sheet Repo with the sheets for Beren levels 1 - 5.

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Image for Transmogrification

Transmogrification 5TH CIRCLE SPELL (Vitalis) Tapping into the shared origins of all life, the vitalist rearranges muscle, bone, and sinew into the form of whatever creature suits their whims.

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Image for Magicians

After you cast your spell(s), there's no need to sit and mope.

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Ardmor on the Horizon

Image for Ardmor on the Horizon

Ardmor Actual Play Coming Soon...

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The Benefits of Leveling Up

Image for The Benefits of Leveling Up

Whether playing at a convention or firing up a one-shot adventure, there are times when you are looking for not only pre-generated characters but a pre-gen team.

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Streams & Sand Wurms

MyNamesArt has been active in the Torchbearer community for a while now, and he's started streaming some Torchbearer content! Check out his Twitch here and give him a follow. In this installment, he...

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The Triforce of Puzzle Dungeons

Image for The Triforce of Puzzle Dungeons

Puzzles are a staple of adventure and role-playing games. However, the design for a puzzle dungeon presents not-so-typical challenges. Fortunately, Torchbearer has systems, tactics, and mechanics...

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Let Loose the Hellhounds of War

Now that The Grind is starting to ship, this will be our last behind-the-scenes Grind article.

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Master's Manual V: NPC Stats

Image for Master's Manual V: NPC Stats

Previously in the Master's Manual we have explored how to balance a session, how to estimate the difficulty of obstacles, how to gauge the relative power of monsters, and how to make sense of unusual...

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Picking a Character Class

Loot as if you were to die tomorrow. Level up as if you were to live forever. - The Adventurer Credo

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