All of Darkovia is a haunted place overrun with ghasts and vampires. Its ruler is a vampire lord who laments his immortality and suffers from secret rages that he takes out on the local population.

Darkovia is the region where Mistvale Nights is set. It was influenced by the Ravenloft campaign setting, Dracula lore, Castlevania, and White Wolf's Dark Ages setting for Vampire.

Ultimately, we wanted something that was transferable into people's homebrew campaign setting that followed in the Greyhawk/Golarion tradition.

Below are some work-in-progress maps from The Grind 2.

Regional Map

Each of the adventure locations are featured on the regional map.

Regional Map

Region Overview

  • Darkovia was the site of many battles during ancient wars.
  • The land itself is cursed with hoary magic.
  • Most southern adventurers travel to Darkovia through the Morgeaux Pass.
  • The snow-capped town of White Flower is a frequent stop before traveling through the mountains.
  • Castle Darkov appears in the mountains at night but is not reachable save for one full moon a year.
  • To the west of Mistvale is a large and dangerous enchanted forest called the Gloomvald.

Town Map

The Mistvale town map is nearly complete.

Town map

Adventure Map

The heart of The Grind 2 are the adventures. Here's a preview of the Temple of the Lost Boys.

Adventure map

Credit Due

Regional and Town maps by Paul O'Connell; Temple of the Lost Boys map by D. Koch

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