The Kickstarter campaign for our new book, The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild is now live! Over 140 pages of mounts, new classes, gear, spells and prayers, monsters... a little of everything for both players and game masters.


In this final preview, we'll finish exploring the iconic characters of the four new classes, and how they engage with the new rules.

On Monday we introduced you to Qacha, the marauder with aspirations toward beast-taming. Now let's meet...

Nazdreg, the Goblin WolfriderNazdreg

Stock: Goblin

Class: Wolfrider

Age: 5

Home: Chaos Caves 

Raiment: tattered red skullcap

Enemy: The Widow Bonsey

Level: 1st

Alignment: Chaos


Belief: There is me and my wolf, all else is prey.

Instinct: Always hunt when in camp.


Raw Abilities: Will 5, Health 3, Nature 5

Town Abilities: Circles 1, Resources 0

Nature Descriptors: Lying, Stealing, Stalking

Skills: Rider 4, Scout 4, Hunter 2, Orator 2, Fighter 2, Survivalist 2, Manipulator 2

Wise: Prey-wise, Beast-wise

Traits: Feral 1, Fiery 1, Loner 1



Neck/worn: lodestone

Hands/carried: bow

Hands/carried: (bow)

Torso/worn: quiver with arrows

Torso/worn: backpack

Torso/worn: backpack

Belt/pouch: garlic

Belt/weapon: whip

Belt/skin: water (full)

Feet/worn: shoes

Backpack: game (2, x2 slots), bedroll (x2 slots), spare key, lock.


Nature Answers

Grab it without thinking, resort to violence, sweeten the meat with fear


Circles Answers

Loner tough and cool


Type: Dire Wolf

Nature: 5

Nature Descriptors: Hunting, Stalking, Roving

Coat: Grey

Sex: Male

Instinct: Always protect Nazdreg.


Mount/worn: riding saddle

Mount/worn: (riding saddle)

Ramiro smells disgusting, right buddy? Like fresh flowers and weak wine. What a dork.

"Chira smells like horsemeat. Easy now; she's the only one who knows where we're going. We can eat her when we get there.

"Qacha's alright. You seem to like her, anyway. But don't you trust her, with her treats and her growls. She won't look after you, not like I will. Got it?

"What a damn mess this is. Yeah, I'm glad to get away from that reeking town, too. We just needed to find a little... extra muscle before we head back home. We wouldn't want the pack to get any ideas. These idiots should do nicely, keep trouble off our backs. Just long enough for us to get in, get what's ours, and get going.

"Hey, do you smell that? Let's go kill ourselves some lunch!"



chaos reigns

lord mordeth



Vagrants art by Duamn Figueroa Rassol. Wolfrider by Paul O'Connell.



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