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Edas Erreth

Temporal Bubble

5th Circle Spell (Chronomancy)

The archmage becomes a reality unto himself, unfettered, and free to act with impunity. Such freedom comes at a steep price, however.

  •  Supplies: a crystal hourglass
  •  Learn: Lore Master Ob 5
  •  Scribe Scroll: Scholar Ob 5
  •  Inscribe Spellbook: Scholar Ob 5



Number of turns (count two for each): one, two, three, four

Creatures Affected (caster is free): one additional, two additional, three additional 

Special: Each time this spell is cast, the archmage (and any other creature affected) ages one year. Note this physical age in parenthesis after your true age on your character sheet.


Upon casting, the Archmage enters a pocket of time relative to the material realm. For the selected number of turns, the caster and any affected creatures may make tests without advancing the Grind. All those affected by the spell share the same number of free tests.

All unaffected creatures appear frozen in place during this time. To the unaffected, the archmage appears to vanish and instantaneously appear at whatever location they are in when the spell ends, along with any changes to the environment they have caused.

Those within the temporal bubble may interact normally with inanimate objects, although handled objects enter the temporal bubble and become subject to gravity, etc. Interacting with a living creature outside the temporal bubble ends the spell immediately.

Any creature may resist being drawn into the temporal bubble by succeeding at a Will test. The obstacle is determined by the caster's margin of success on their Arcanist test. 


chaos reigns

lord mordeth


art by Matthew Gibeault



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