Experienced delvers know that Torchbearer's conditions are much more than a hit point meter. Each condition is a strategic restriction, an averted twist, a roleplaying cue, and experience points in disguise. Today's Mordite Monday presents some weird new conditions!

Revenant Ecru


You've done something that estranges you from your people, either publicly or in your own mind. Perhaps you have violated a taboo, or you simply can't help but question the old ways.

Alienated Effect

While alienated, you cannot test Nature or tap Nature without paying the consequences of acting outside your descriptors. Apply a -1D penalty to Circles tests and social graces (Haggler, Manipulator, Persuader, and Orator) when dealing with your own stock.

Recovering from Alienated

Will Ob 6 - current Nature rating.


You've done terrible things to make it this far. You just can't look people in the eye any longer. 

Ashamed Effect

While ashamed, you suffer -1D to Circles, Resources, and social graces (Haggler, Manipulator, Persuader, and Orator)

Recovering from Ashamed

Ob 4 Will. Each drink at the tavern reduces the obstacle by 1. 


Flaring light, heinous torture, black magic or white lightning, any of these may rob you of your sight, temporarily or permanently.

Blinded Effect

While blinded, suffer a factor in all tests. You may only riddle, argue, or flee in conflicts.

Recovering From Blindness

Psychosomatic: Ob 3 Will test.

Flares or glare: Ob 3 Health test. 

Physical trauma: Ob 5 Health test.

Permanent loss: Your sight can only be restored by the Ablution of the Eternal Lords prayer.


When you're up, you're up. You're well clear of the perils of your last foray, and ready to take on the world. Your confidence will aid you in negotiations and barter.

You become confident if you have no conditions and use an unspent recovery test from accommodations preparing yourself for the town phase to come. Confident is lost at the beginning of the next adventure phase.

Confident Effect

+1D on Circles, Resources, and social graces (Haggler, Manipulator, Persuader and Orator). 


You can't hear, or you can't hear enough to be useful.

Deafened Effect

While deafened, you cannot receive help or dice from a wise. You cannot test Scout or help on Scout tests. You may still receive help from anyone with sign language-wise.

Recovering from Deafened

Loud noise or boxed ears: Ob 2 Health.

Ongoing tinnitus: Ob 3 Health.

Permanent loss: Your hearing can only be restored by the Ablution of the Eternal Lords prayer.


Something's snapped. The pressures of the life are too great, and now your internal struggles are laid bare for all to see. Your behavior becomes erratic. You can no longer tell where your own thoughts end and reality begins.

Delusional Effect

On each test you make while delusional, the GM chooses a trait. They may apply -1D to your roll, add +2D to the opposition, or break a tie in their favor using that trait. You do not earn checks from this penalty; indeed, you may not earn checks at all while delusional. You must rely on your comrades to bring you back to reality.

Recovering from Delusional

Will Ob 0. Add an additional factor for each level of each trait. Unlike other recovery tests, your allies may help on the this roll.

Invoking the Confession to the Lords of Regret will remove the delusional condition if the cleric meets the recovery obstacle.





Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers Non-Commercial Termsheet

  1. This is a plain language license for those who wish to create material for the Torchbearer roleplaying game for non-commercial digital publication. The license is between the authors, Luke Crane and Thor Olavsrud, and the licensee.
  2. This license grants the holder the right to create new supplementary material for the Torchbearer roleplaying game. The licensee may use Torchbearer rules and terms except when such use would reprint artwork or large or key sections of text of the rulebook. Character and monster statistics and descriptions are excepted and may be reprinted.
    1. Supplementary material eligible for the license includes but is not limited to: adventures, new artwork, monster statistics, town events, camp events, twists, weapons, spells and prayers, skills, traits, towns, traps, magic items and character classes
  3. To be eligible for the Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers non-commercial license, the licensee must use the associated logos and trade dress to designate the publication as part of this license.
  4. All Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers products are published without review. However, the authors reserve the right to revoke the license for reasons including but not limited to: poor presentation, offensive content or poor fit for the Torchbearer rules.
  5. We grant the licensee the right to distribute supplementary publications for Torchbearer in a digital format. Nothing may be charged for said publication and no fee or royalty will be paid by the licensee to the authors.
  6. The authors make no claim to the copyright of the licensed work except in areas limited by this license. All rights to trademarked terms are retained by the authors.
  7. We reserve the right to revoke this license at our discretion. If the license is revoked, the material must remove all reference to Torchbearer and the authors, including logos, rules and trade dress.

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