"To snuff out a life with a word... any so-called archmage who would pervert the art to such heresy is unworthy of the title." — Gambinster the Red

Necromancer Ecru

Killing Word

5th Circle Spell (Necromancy)

The necromancer's lips move to form a profane syllable that has never been heard by a living soul. The word withers the connection between body and spirit, then siphons the listener's vital energies to invigorate the necromancer.

  •  Supplies: a flower of belladonna
  •  Learn: Lore Master Ob 5
  •  Scribe Scroll: Scholar Ob 7
  •  Spellbook: Scholar Ob 6



The Word cannot be spoken during a conflict. If a conflict is imminent, speak The Word before rolling disposition. The undead are unaffected by The Word.

The necromancer tests their Arcanist skill. Every listener within earshot must succeed at a Will test against the necromancer's result. For each Will test after the first, decrease the obstacle by one.

Those who hear The Word must choose the order in which they roll. Disputes are settled by a vote in which the GM and the necromancer participate. Often this means the necromancer's minions are the first to test. All Will tests occur during a single turn on the Grind.


Any who fail the test have their souls siphoned into the necromancer via a visible stream of ectoplasm. Their bodies fall inert—but otherwise intact—to the ground. Mark the dead condition.

For each life snuffed out in this manner, the necromancer is relieved of one condition (in standard recovery order). If the necromancer has no conditions and siphons an additional life, they become Fresh.




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Necromancer Art by Matt Gibeault


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