MyNamesArt has been active in the Torchbearer community for a while now, and he's started streaming some Torchbearer content! Check out his Twitch here and give him a follow. In this installment, he digs into our wicked and dope Grind zine and makes a new sand wurm statblock for the Dastards & Desperados hack using the Master's Manual guidelines! That's a Mordite Press trifecta!

Sand Wurm Ecru

Sand Wurm

Wingless, legless dragons, these desert monsters are nonetheless equally mobile moving through the sand dunes or burrowing beneath them. They lack a breath weapon or even the ability to roar, with the tongues of their winged brethren being replaced with a much longer and thicker one that prevents speech, complete with a toothed sucker for grabbing and pulling fleeing targets into its gaping maw. The tongue also has caused another mutation - while having otherwise the overall appearance of a regular dragon’s head, the lower jaw of a sand wurm actually splits in two when the tongue is deployed.

Might 5; Nature 8

Descriptors: Terrorizing, Burrowing, Stalking

Instinct: Always hide under the sand until the opportune moment to strike.


Kill: 16; Drive Off 8

Maneuver: +1D, Toothed Tongue

Attack: +1s, Powerful Jaws

Armor: Dragon Scales (chainmail equivalent)

Flee: 12

Maneuver: +1D, Toothed Tongue

Attack: +1s, Burrowing Scales

Trick: 4

Defend:+1D, Terrifying Visage

Feint: +1s, Cunning


Sand Wurm illustration by Mike Boroda as part of the backer rewards for the Grind zine.

Sand Wurm design by MyNamesArt — All rights reserved.  

Watch him design it here: 


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