Today, we are launching our Character Sheet Repo with the sheets for Beren levels 1 - 5.

Torchbearer Character Sheet Repo

The Repo is a community resource to share character sheets or entire team builds for use at conventions or one-shot adventures.You will be able to download individual sheets or a zip of the entire party. Plus, you can add to the repo with your variations and builds.If you've been following our Iconics: Road to Redemption articles, we've been working on the dwarf, warrior, and magician in our party. We've been doing some planning to coordinate advancement in an attempt to better our odds at survival.We've been running the characters through a series of published adventures to simulate how the group might level up.

Beren is first up...

Magic Items

Normally, a party will accumulate various magical items over a campaign. We tried some different combinations of magical items and weapons for Beren, but we found that he didn't really need any in a party of five. In the smaller, 3-party build, Beren gets a magical sword to buff up his fighter role. However, at 5th level, we gave all iterations of Beren a Philter of Vigor. Finally, at 2nd level, he gets his obligatory throwing axe.

For magical items for the rest of the party, Ulrik is the big winner. It made sense for Ulrik to get a couple of the big magic items from the adventures. At 3rd level, Ulrik gains a magical shield because he is the shieldbearer. Then, at 5th level, he gains a magical helm that only he can use.


Signet Ring

Throughout all five levels, Beren keeps his father's ring. Beren is an orphan and probably not sentimental since all he cares about is blood and treasure. However, not cashing in the ring may give the player an interesting decision point at some point. It is unlikely that the party would return to town during a one-shot, but if they did a desperate or opportunistic Beren could get that extra one die of Resources from the ring.


As note in the progression, all the characters gain a third and fourth trait from the two Winter phases in the adventure series.

If you are interested in contributing your character sheets to the repo just send us a reply with the link.


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Artwork by Matt Gibeault

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