The Grind 2: Darkovia

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All of Darkovia is a haunted place overrun with ghasts and vampires. Its ruler is a vampire lord who laments his immortality and suffers from secret rages that he takes out on the local population.

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Choose Wisely

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A wise is an area of knowledge a character draws upon—often to correct a failure or point out something missed. Wises must have a narrow focus, but they represent a wealth of expertise.

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The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights

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Chaos has spread to the valley of Mistvale...

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Seven-obstacle Dungeons

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A simple method for creating obstacle-to-obstacle ecosystems.

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A Vagrant's Schedule

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We are wrapping up the Vagrant's Guide and wanted to outline the schedule and the current table of contents.

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Beware the Expedition Impasse

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The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild contains lots of new gear, monsters, and animals for wilderness adventures. But, the heart of the book revolves around a new custom conflict type called an...

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Twist First

Let's discuss trap design and look at a trap from the lair of the nefarious Lich King of Mordeth. The Lich King has had centuries to build and perfect a series of traps to safeguard his tomb, and...

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The Halfling Burglar provides the backbone for any adventuring party. As a support role, halflings make an adventurer's life easier, and experienced players appreciate a burglar in the mix.

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Beren Sheets

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Today, we are launching our Character Sheet Repo with the sheets for Beren levels 1 - 5.

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Character Sheet Repo

Complete character sheet downloads for one-shots.

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After you cast your spell(s), there's no need to sit and mope.

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The Benefits of Leveling Up

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Whether playing at a convention or firing up a one-shot adventure, there are times when you are looking for not only pre-generated characters but a pre-gen team.

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