Try as One Might

A comprehensive guide to Order of Might from Too Few Kobolds to Too Much to Handle.

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Rewarding Gallows Humor

Image for Rewarding Gallows Humor

Adventurers in Torchbearer often find themselves in situations out of their control or beyond their capabilities. In those moments, when all else has failed, there is usually nothing left to do but...

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Puzzling Over Puzzle Conflicts

An example of custom conflicts and puzzles.

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The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights

Image for The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights

Chaos has spread to the valley of Mistvale...

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The Grind 2: Darkovia

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All of Darkovia is a haunted place overrun with ghasts and vampires. Its ruler is a vampire lord who laments his immortality and suffers from secret rages that he takes out on the local population.

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Choose Wisely

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A wise is an area of knowledge a character draws upon—often to correct a failure or point out something missed. Wises must have a narrow focus, but they represent a wealth of expertise.

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Seven-obstacle Dungeons

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A simple method for creating obstacle-to-obstacle ecosystems.

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A Vagrant's Schedule

Image for A Vagrant's Schedule

We are wrapping up the Vagrant's Guide and wanted to outline the schedule and the current table of contents.

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Beware the Expedition Impasse

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The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild contains lots of new gear, monsters, and animals for wilderness adventures. But, the heart of the book revolves around a new custom conflict type called an...

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Twist First

Let's discuss trap design and look at a trap from the lair of the nefarious Lich King of Mordeth. The Lich King has had centuries to build and perfect a series of traps to safeguard his tomb, and...

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Image for Burglars

The Halfling Burglar provides the backbone for any adventuring party. As a support role, halflings make an adventurer's life easier, and experienced players appreciate a burglar in the mix.

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Beren Sheets

Image for Beren Sheets

Today, we are launching our Character Sheet Repo with the sheets for Beren levels 1 - 5.

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Character Sheet Repo

Complete character sheet downloads for one-shots.

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Image for Magicians

After you cast your spell(s), there's no need to sit and mope.

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The Benefits of Leveling Up

Image for The Benefits of Leveling Up

Whether playing at a convention or firing up a one-shot adventure, there are times when you are looking for not only pre-generated characters but a pre-gen team.

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The Triforce of Puzzle Dungeons

Image for The Triforce of Puzzle Dungeons

Puzzles are a staple of adventure and role-playing games. However, the design for a puzzle dungeon presents not-so-typical challenges. Fortunately, Torchbearer has systems, tactics, and mechanics...

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Let Loose the Hellhounds of War

Now that The Grind is starting to ship, this will be our last behind-the-scenes Grind article.

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Picking a Character Class

Loot as if you were to die tomorrow. Level up as if you were to live forever. - The Adventurer Credo

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The Turns Before The Grind

Image for The Turns Before The Grind

Reflections on the adventurer life, for soon The Grind shall hit.

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Journey to the Dreaded Isle

Image for Journey to the Dreaded Isle

When Luke Crane announced Kickstarter's Zine Quest back in November, we started kicking around ideas.

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The Grind

Image for The Grind

Torchbearer RPG Zine Available Now in PDF

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Boss Monsters: They Have a Cave Troll...

Image for Boss Monsters: They Have a Cave Troll...

Boss Monster battles offer interesting challenges for players and GMs. Players have to strategize a little differently and GMs have to juggle a few more pieces. Let's look at what these special rules...

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GMing Pointers: an Example Play

GMing any game is an art form - requiring imagination and creativity. But when it comes down to it, running a Torchbearer game for the first time can be daunting.

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Iconics: Team Builds for Torchbearer RPG

Image for Iconics: Team Builds for Torchbearer RPG

I greet you, Legion of Chaons, and welcome back to Mordite Monday! This week I'm turning over command to D. Koch, author of Fearless and Freebooting and all-around classy guy. His formidable mission...

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