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Last night, Paul, Owen, and I were punching away at The Grind. I turned on the TV for some background ambience, and Netflix recommended Sam Peckinpah's "The Wild Bunch" (1969). It's been years since I  watched it, so I hit it.

As it just so happens, the opening scene illustrates the new Heist conflict for our Dastards & Desperadoes hack for Torchbearer.

The Wild Bunch, Warner Brothers, 1969The Wild Bunch, Warner Brothers, 1969

The Wild Bunch begins with a gang of outlaws running a heist against a wealthy railroad baron in town. A Heist conflict is a complex crime that requires planning and outsmarting an opponent. It is a caper, not some simple, brutish robbery. We've designed it so you can use this type of conflict in all sorts of other Torchbearer hacks.A Heist conflict operates just like any other conflict in Torchbearer. So, it should be very familiar. We've added some descriptions for Conflict Actions to help you conceptualize and run heists, an example scenario, and some suggested conflict weapons and compromises — everything you need to perpetuate the perfect crime.

The Wild Bunch, Warner Brothers, 1969The Wild Bunch, Warner Brothers, 1969

If you want to see a Heist result in a Major Compromise which leads into a Kill conflict ambush, check out the first fourteen minutes of the film. The Wild Bunch is now streaming on Netflix in the US.The Wild West hack is just one part of the more massive zine.There's a whole lot more including:

  • three one page adventurers, including "The Dreaded Isle"
  • one full adventure: "Beiloch's Cure"
  • adventure quick starts, like "Amleth's Siege," or "The Cook, The Thief, The Thane & The Plunder" (a little nod to Peter Greenaway fans)
  • NPC stat blocks
  • magical items
  • Torchbearer articles
  • monsters, like The Walking Eye, and different types of Trolls and Troglodytes
  • and more...

The time is now...time_is_now

Soon, we approach "Turn 4 of the grind." The last chance to get The Grind is Feb 28th. Check it out on Kickstarter.

Read more about it on the campaign updates page.


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