Chaos reigns!

From the depths of the pit, a call beckons to all black-hearted and red-toothed adventurers! The unhinged minds at Mordite Press return to challenge your party with a new collection of Torchbearer adventures.

Perhaps you have journeyed with us before, braved the eternal night of moon-cursed Mistvale, or traveled the breadth of the world itself and marvelled at its oddities with The Vagrant’s Guide.

But even a vagrant would be a fool to think the story ended there…

Behold! The Grind Turn 3: Hell or Highwater brings adventurers to the beating heart of the Kingdom of Feudor.

Highwater is the capital of the Kingdom of Feudor and the seat of King Benevolent IV. A bustling metropolis, its treasures and mysteries are spoken of far and wide. Throngs of people push through the streets and intrigue abounds. From palace-lined thoroughfares to maze-like slums and festering sewers, adventure lurks around every corner and whispers of conspiracy flit through every shadowed alley. Lose yourself and revel among the clinking coins and well-cobbled streets, rub shoulders with the high-and-mighty or slink across darkened rooftops with the secretive Thieves' Guild, but above all try to survive…

The city of Highwater, and the adventures contained within this zine, can be dropped into your home setting whenever your players are drawn to the machinations of a bustling metropolis.

The Grind Turn 3

  • 56 pages
  • Black & white art throughout
  • Adventures designed for Torchbearer RPG
  • Additional Town locations
  • Factions and schemes to drop into your homebrew campaign
  • New Treasures and Magic Items
  • Plus new GM tools and charts


The Grind Turn 3 was a part of Zine Quest from Feb 1 - 15, 2021. View the Kickstarter campaign page.

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