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From the minds that bring you Mordite Monday… comes a new zine, jam-packed with stories, one-page adventures, adventure ideas, monsters, items, town locations, NPCs, and oodles of content to expand your Torchbearer RPG campaign.

A few highlights:

  • Three one-page adventures designed specifically for Torchbearer.
  • Stories and adventure ideas to stoke the imagination.
  • New monsters. From Troglodytes to Trolls.
  • New spells and arcane content.
  • A Wild West hack called Dastards & Desperadoes. New weapons: Gatling gun, Sharps elephant rifle, the Winchester 1873, the Colt. New conflict type: Heist-hold up express trains or stick up banks. Setting agnostic-you can chose to mashup fantasy monsters and do battle with Black Dragons or keep it entirely historically accurate.
  • And so much more...

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