Chaos has spread to the valley of Mistvale...

The second issue of The Grind is now available.

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Torchbearer Sagas The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights

The Grind Zine returns! In this issue we explore the gothic realm of Darkovia and its cursed town of Mistvale. The new 'Towns & Treasures' format collects many smaller adventure sites around a single town—the ideal setup for a Torchbearer mini-campaign.

This book is absolutely plastered with new art on almost every page!

  • That Blasted Worm - Meet the strange denizens of the outlying regions along the river Draba. A gazetteer by Jared Sorensen.
  • Temple of the Lost Boys - An ancient shrine to chaos emerges just as two local boys go missing. An adventure by Ryan Browne.
  • The Beast of Röthel - A murderous shape-shifter stalks a backward hamlet on the edges of Darkovia. An adventure by Duamn Figueroa Rassol. 
  • A Girl Talks Alone in the Woods at Night - A legacy of wrath threatens the livelihood of Mistvale’s winemakers. An adventure by Ryan Browne.
  • Demon Seed - A grisly murder is uncovered as rumors spread of the dead dancing over their graves. An adventure by Paul O’Connell.

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The Grind cover artwork by Matt Gibeault

Darkovia Map by Paul O'Connell

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