Mordite Press presents a new Torchbearer class for heartless players and GMs: the Orc Warmonger (PDF).

Orc Warmonger Ecru-2

This an alpha release of the class which may find its way into a battle-themed product at some point. Given how awesome Duamn Figueroa's orcs were in last week's blog, I thought orcs could use a bit more time in the spotlight this week.

Here at Mordite Press, we like our orcs old-school. They have pig faces. They wield West European arms and armor. These are David C. Sutherland III's orcs of the 1977 Monster Manual. Also, check out these pig-faced orcs from Otherworld Miniatures!

These are not the orcs of Tolkien, so faithfully adapted in Burning Wheel. These, my friends, are OD&D orcs.

Orcs are terrible and cruel. Orcs embody the horrors of war and bloody conquest. Orcs are not for the faint of heart.

Orcs are not misunderstood noble savages. To be "good", an orc must reach a winter phase and abandon their Cruel trait. Very few do so.

Do not play the Orc Warmonger unless there is darkness in your heart. Your party will not like you. If you are doing it right, your party will fear you.


chaos reigns

-lord mordeth


Orc Warmonger art by Matt Gibeault

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