goblin3A hooded stranger stumbles into the tavern from the rain-soaked streets bearing news of a quest. It slowly draws back its hood to reveal it's the Mordite Press Blog! Every Monday we'll post an article that's of general interest to Torchbearer players, with topics like: 

  • Actual play accounts from our groups playing Torchbearer and other games
  • GM advice, like how to balance a campaign and keep it going
  • Player advice, like how to truly embrace failure on your quest for loot
  • How to get involved in Torchbearer's open licenses and publish your own adventures
  • New rules! We make those sometimes.
  • Lots of art from the unstoppable Matt Gibeault and others.
  • Other things! We know what you want.

And so it was the bond was formed. Sorcerous chains have shackled you to us, and compel you to return each week!


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