A century ago, emissaries from Puku would travel into the kingdom of Feudor, offering priceless artifacts to trade and dispensing unique insights into the profound mysteries of the Otherworld. For a hundred years they have languished in myth. Recently a lost traveler turned up with a wild tale of having found the lost city… and a map.

Now the race is on as desperate adventurers and their rivals seek to be the first to reestablish contact with the lost city of Puku, and to reap the rewards to be found in...

...the Roost of the Condor Queen!

This Torchbearer RPG Adventure contains:

  • A dungeon in a colossal tree!
  • Details on the lost city of Puku and its people!
  • Guidance on running a Banish/Abjure Conflict!
  • New Magic Items, including the Amulet of Bird Control!
  • New monsters like the horrible Astral Moth and its Dusk Worm spawn!

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