The PDF of The Vagrant's Guide to Surviving the Wild is now available for download at! If you were a kickstarter backer you should already have received your email with the link to redeem. If you are having any trouble finding the email or code, please contact us via the Kickstarter product page and we'll get it sorted.


The Delver's Guide, Jared Sorensen's Vagrant's expansion for underworld expeditions, will be along in a month or so.

Now that the PDF is in your hands, we're going to wait a few days before finalizing things with a printer in case any critical flaws emerge. We're very, very excited to see this book become a physical artifact.

We have more big announcements in the coming weeks, but now that this frikkan enormous book is done we should have more time for regular Mordite Mondays posts. Thanks for making it happen, now get out there and play it! 

chaos reigns

lord mordeth

Putrid Swamp art by Salty Dave



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