Long have we labored in darkness, feverishly preaching the word to any who will listen. The prophets themselves speak, the pews are full, and yet our precious tome has grown scarce. It has acquired a mythical status, whispered about and sold for a scandalous profit in vile markets.

But at last, through some Gutenbergian miracle, the tome may once again be owned and consumed by the masses. Crawl forth from your caves and crevasses! Join with us, the forces of chaos, and begin the dawning of a new world!


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After a stretch out of print, the Torchbearer Rulebook is back in softcover. From where I sit, the game is as popular as ever, and going out of print only proves there was significant demand. This was only underscored by the downright usurious price gouging on amazon and similar. 

I've talked about the game to many folks since starting this blog, and some were reticent to play out of the PDF exclusively. Now is your time! Go forth! I'll see you at the table, friends.

chaos reigns

lord mordeth

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