With the life draining out of G+, I'm setting up a slack that people can join for discussion while we await the promised land.

Here's how it works:

I have created a Slack team at TorchbearerRPG.slack.com.

Post a comment below. That will give me private access to your email. I have no interest in spamming you, and the internet's hunter-killer drones will not be able to see it.

Upon receiving your email I will sell it to russian bot farms send you a slack invite. Then post in the G+ discussion that led you here and let everyone know where the cool kids went.

Then we can talk about whatever we want until we all decide where to move the conversation.

Hope to see you there!


Update: I do have to add you manually and I'm not always around. If your comment appears below in the comment stream, that means I should have sent you the invite. If your name is below and you didn't get the invite let me know.

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