Mordite Press is preparing a feast of gaming for PAX Unplugged 2018! To celebrate, we're putting on a sale! From today until December 3rd, all our books are 30% off. This can combine with DriveThruRPG's Black Friday sale, so today is the best day to buy!

If you're thinking about running some Torchbearer this week (maybe at PAXU) check out today's Mordite Monday post by Michael Dunn-O'Connor! 


Roast Ecru Trans 

Mordite Press at PAX Unplugged 2018 in Philadelphia!

As we did last year, many of the Mordite Press minions will descend upon PAXU. We don't have our own booth but you can expect to see us near the BWHQ booth paying dark homage the Torchbearer designers, or running games at Games On Demand or in Tabletop Freeplay. Use the new DISCUSSION SECTION below to track us down!

Discussion Section!

We've opened up all of the blog to comments so that we can have a polite-yet-kick-ass discussion. That's how internet comment sections work, right? Let it be known that the Lord of Mordeth shall rule these comments with an iron fist. Bad actors shall be subjected to the blood-eagle. Enjoy!



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