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The Grind Turn 2: Mistvale Nights

The Grind Zine returns! In this issue we explore the gothic realm of Darkovia and its cursed town of Mistvale. The new 'Towns & Treasures' format collects many smaller adventure sites around a single town—the ideal setup for a Torchbearer mini-campaign!

Fearless and Freebooting

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Nine indispensable character classes for bravely plundering, raiding, and looting. Inspired by traditional Norse mythology. Suitable for any campaign, but designed especially for the Torchbearer...

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The Crypt of Khaab'r

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High in the steppes of Barbaria, the epics tell of Khaab’r, a brave and fearsome wanderer who rose to become King of his tribe. His dagger, Tiger’s Tooth, was his constant companion throughout his...

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